Summer 2017.....

.... so far.
Our summer has been so full of fun already and we still have August to look forward to! Here is summer, so far, in waaaaaay too many pictures ;).
Liam's UBC graduation trip and finally taking mom and dad to Four Winds.

 Dad photobombing.

Pit stop in a bright alley in downtown Vancouver!
 More brewery hopping (Parallel 49)... so many beers that day.
Birthday beer adventure in Whiterock after we got on the wrong bus.
 Home someday?

 Meeting Tuck and visit with Leah in Kamloops.

 My people xoxo

 Scoops with mom and Meg
Roadtrip with my love


Our favourite things to do on Sundays are to visit breweries and to enjoy exploring around Vancouver. Especially when it is sunny. An extra thing that is my favourite is making Jordan take pictures during these outings ;).


Art at Callister.

 Luppolo brewery had the prettiest multicoloured triangle motif wall and delicious olives to eat along with their beers! I never liked olives until I had them here.