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hiking and bocce ball!

One of the things we are going to miss most about living in Kamloops is being able to drive 15 minutes and end up in the forrest. It's nice to be close to so many beautiful places to walk around and explore on a Sunday morning.

After our hike we dug out the bocce balls and played until the sun went down. 

Yesterday was such a great day! Hiking, bocce ball and hanging with my hunny.
* Jordan won at bocce...


It's finally Friday! Another week closer to our move to the big city. Only a few more months to go. Oh my!

a favourite picture from our trip to Montreal

a father's day + a birthday!

Happy Father's Day to my wonderful dad!!

Early Sunday morning coffee on the deck with my dad is one of my favourite things.
Happy birthday to my beautiful mom!!

Love you guys lots.

All dressed up!

Here are a few pictures from Liam's prom on Friday night! Jordan was chauffeur for the boys and their dates all day for pictures and fun.

Then we all got to go and watch the 'kids' (they're not really kids anymore, but they always will be to me) march with their parents in their lovely outfits and have a first dance.

Such a fun night! I can't believe it's been seven years since I graduated from high school.
Love you lots Liam!!

not a baby anymore...

My little brother, Liam, just graduated from high school last night! I'm so proud of him and all his accomplishments; he's just so darn smart.


it's official...Jordan has been accepted into the accelerated nursing program at UBC! In two short months we'll be packing up and moving to Vancouver. What an adventure this will be, we can't wait!


I now have a little blog and here I go...