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Christmas Cookie Exchange!

Last night one of my best girlfriends had a Christmas cookie exchange party. Everyone bakes a batch of cookies and we all get to bring one from each person home. It's so fun to taste different cookies you've never made and just get together with some girls.  I love Christmas :)


Freezing apples off my parents tree to use in a yummy pie or crisp!

It's been raining for days here and it makes it so hard to leave the house. I made myself get out to a coffee shop to study for a few hours this morning. Only a few more weeks and it's finally winter break!! Yay!


Cutest Husband Ever!

little brother

We have been very lucky in Vancouver this fall. This particular day was sunny and even warm! I met up for coffee and a nice walk around the UBC campus with my little brother. 

Happy Halloween!

Jordan and I didn't do anything this year because we're both so busy with school, but this is a funny pictures of us from last years halloween. I'm still not 100% sure what we were haha


My favourite food to make in the fall is soup!  Tonight I experimented with one of my old curried lentil soup recipes by adding yams and kale. It was delicious. I didn't write anything down, so I hope I can recreate it again.

oh, and I also had vanilla ice cream and frozen raspberries for dessert...double yum :)

Pretty Fall

We finally got a really beautiful, sunny day after a rainy, dreary week. I had to get groceries anyways, so I tied it in with a nice walk around our neighbourhood with my camera. I love, love, love all the bright colours and crisp air that sunny fall days have to offer.

How lucky are we to live in this lovely neighbourhood??

oh Sundays

I love and hate Sundays. I love them because it's almost noon, yet I'm still in my pajamas. I've done two loads of laundry, started my beef and sweet potato stew in my crock pot, and just made my second cup of coffee. I hate them because I have to do my grocery shopping for the week, clean the bathroom and vacuum, and do the mounds of homework I have been avoiding. However, in this moment I'm choosing to sip my coffee, bask in the sun shining into my kitchen, and enjoy Sunday.

the first week

I finally uploaded the photos on my camera from the first few weeks after our move to Vancouver. I love this one so much; and I love my husband so much too!

Family Thanksgiving

We were very lucky this weekend to be able to make the trip to Kamloops to spend Thanksgiving with my family. It was so great to relax and have my mom cook for us! The turkey and fixings were so yummy. I never realize how much I miss my mom and dad until I see them. Even though we were only there for a few days, it was really hard to leave.  
Isn't my mom just beautiful?

one year ago...

October 3rd, 2010 our best friends little girl, Scarlet, was born; today she is one year old! It is so hard to believe it has been a full year since we got the text, "it's a girl!!" and rushed to the hospital to meet her.  So, happy birthday sweet girl we love you lots and lots.
Jordan and Scarlet, best friends

a beautiful Sunday

On Sunday Jordan and I had a wonderful time at his cousin Josh and his new wife Cyndy's wedding. The weather held out and it didn't rain! It was sunny and warm, but not too hot. Other than the wind it was perfect. The location was a cute organic farm just outside of town.

And... I finally got to wear my favourite dress from Montreal!!


My mom's best friend Adelaine makes these wonderful sweet and spicy dill pickles that I tasted for the first time about 5 years ago. I've been wanting to make them since and this year I finally did! They are so amazing and I can hardly wait the month it is going to take for them to age enough to eat.


happy saturday!

Today mom and I are making pickles, and tomorrow I get to go to a wedding. What a great weekend I have ahead of me. Pictures to follow soon :)

a sunny day at last!

I've been really busy at work this week. Having to be there at 7am while sick is really trying on the body! But I made it through, and I had a nice day off in the sun (finally!) And I got to see my little niece Elliott. Isn't she sweet?

OH, and on a side note, I got 8 inches of my hair cut off this morning! It was really scary seeing all that hair come off, but totally freeing. I really needed a change; and I'm going to donate it to the Canadian Cancer Society to help make a wig :).

my very very very best girl friend

Just a little post about how much I love my best gal pal Leah-Rose. She is the most wonderful girl in the whole wide world!

first look!

I finally got to see our new little home in Vancouver this weekend! It is perfect. We started moving in and already have all our kitchen organized. It's just so exciting. I still have a month left at work and a vacation to visit my best friend planned; but after that we'll be off to the big city for good!
It was such a busy two days that I didn't take any pictures. Oh goodness. I'm sure I'll have tons in the future though.

the girls.

My best girlfriends from high school and I went out to catch up the other night.  It was so fun and so needed.

weekend fun!

We had a great Canada Day weekend! Here are a few pictures from our hike in Wells Gray provincial park with some good friends.