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4am wake up

Jeff and Nashien came to visit us for the September long weekend. We had delicious seafood at Granville island on the Saturday night and did a sushi hop on Sunday after a lot of hiking.We woke up at 4am on Sunday morning to beat the weekend crowds at Lynn Canyon. We arrived at the park, in the dark, at 5:45am only to discover that it didn't open until 7am! This little mistake ended up being incredible. We parked down the street and were so lucky to have the entire place to ourselves for over an hour. Our hiking for the day didn't stop there though. We also visited Pacific spirit park and wreck beach (hehe).

Cheers to 8 years, my dovey.

A little bit late, but August 7, 2018 marked 8 years of marriage for us. We had a nice dinner out, and the patio was warm, so we sat outside until it got dark and the twinkle lights came on. (Then we drank a tall beer out of the bottle at the park on the walk home hehe.)xo

It's been a while.

Oh dear. It's been more than a year .... since I've posted anything. Summer 2018 has been a quiet one. We've enjoyed drinking beers, markets, gardening, motorcycle rides, and having visitors to our neck of the woods. We've both been working hard taking courses too!