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tattoo anyone?

Last night Jordan gave me a leg and foot full of beautiful tattoos while we listened to classical music. Pretty great way to spend an evening I would say ;).

my sweet husband...

This morning my sweet husband (who is not a coffee drinker at all) made me my morning coffee while I was being lazy and pretending to sleep on the couch. It was perfect :) 

over the weekend...

We made a quick trip back to Kamloops for the weekend to see the Jones' and so that Jordan could get a few skydives in. We spend most of the day on Saturday at the Jones' house. They have the most amazing backyard and the weather was beautiful. Scarlet is 21 months old now, and she has got the sweetest personality! She is so fun and hilarious, and Jordan couldn't get enough kisses and cuddles from her. This trip I finally got to meet new baby Janey too! (she was born on April 26th) She was napping when I had my camera out, so I didn't get any pictures of her this time. She is so sweet too and has just the tiniest bit of red hair. We can't wait to see her and Scarlet grow up and become friends with our little babies (whenever they come along haha).

banana muffins!

I love baking (especially the eating part after), but it sure heats the house up on a warm day. I'm just sweating over here after taking these out of the oven. Yikes.
baking cookies :)
I wrote my final board exam on Saturday and decided to take the bus back to Kamloops for a few days to visit my family. It rained the first couple of days I was here (I was hoping I had left that kind of weather in Vancouver), so my mom and I just did a little shopping, cooking and hanging out at home. It was perfect and a much needed break.
But, today the sun is shining and the sky is blue! I woke up with a sore throat, so I am hoping that spending the day outside in the fresh air will help.

I love being here, but I miss my husband dearly and am looking forward to seeing him again tomorrow!!