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happy saturday!

Today mom and I are making pickles, and tomorrow I get to go to a wedding. What a great weekend I have ahead of me. Pictures to follow soon :)

a sunny day at last!

I've been really busy at work this week. Having to be there at 7am while sick is really trying on the body! But I made it through, and I had a nice day off in the sun (finally!) And I got to see my little niece Elliott. Isn't she sweet?

OH, and on a side note, I got 8 inches of my hair cut off this morning! It was really scary seeing all that hair come off, but totally freeing. I really needed a change; and I'm going to donate it to the Canadian Cancer Society to help make a wig :).

my very very very best girl friend

Just a little post about how much I love my best gal pal Leah-Rose. She is the most wonderful girl in the whole wide world!

first look!

I finally got to see our new little home in Vancouver this weekend! It is perfect. We started moving in and already have all our kitchen organized. It's just so exciting. I still have a month left at work and a vacation to visit my best friend planned; but after that we'll be off to the big city for good!
It was such a busy two days that I didn't take any pictures. Oh goodness. I'm sure I'll have tons in the future though.

the girls.

My best girlfriends from high school and I went out to catch up the other night.  It was so fun and so needed.

weekend fun!

We had a great Canada Day weekend! Here are a few pictures from our hike in Wells Gray provincial park with some good friends.