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Jordan and I have been eating a mostly meatless diet for the past month or so. Because of this, we decided the other night that we were both in need of some red meat and went for burgers :).
Neither of us felt great afterwards, so I think we'll be good without meat for another few months..until the next craving hits ;).

gnocchi trial

well, today I attempted to make gnocchi. they were ok. definitely not even close to as yummy as my nana's, but still edible...slathered in sauce hehe.

over the weekend

Last weekend we had our favourite little family visit us from Kamloops.  We ate yummy food, took them on a big bus adventure through the city and spent Sunday afternoon at the Vancouver Aquarium. It was so wonderful!

(picture of Jane by Miss Scarlet )

(on our way to the skytrain; she really was excited ;))

(lunch at Burgoo! yum!)

(such a beautiful day)

come back soon Jones' family!

monday evening

enjoying a post work beer with my love.

my Sunday is everybody else's Friday

having thursdays and fridays as my days off with this new job really gets me confused as to which day it actually is. thursday always feels like saturday, and friday always feels like sunday.
therefore, today feels like sunday, so I have been doing sunday sort of things: drinking too much coffee, watching shows on my computer, reading and painting my nails.