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2 years

this august 7th was our 2 year wedding anniversary.  i loved our wedding day, and i still look at the pictures and smile thinking about how much love and fun our day was filled with. 
i love you jordan.

death by coffee...

...for my cell phone that is. I'm one of those people who isn't fantastic when it comes to technology, and I have been completely content with my clunky flip phone for 4 years. Unfortunately, my clumsy nature showed its face and my lovely red oldie took a dive into my mug of coffee. As a result I have been forced to update my cell phone to something a little more fancy....and much harder to use. However, I love having a camera on my new phone, and it is pretty fun being able to go on the internet with it... even if my computer is only a few feet away hehe.

pretty park by our house where I love to hangout and read.