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Happy Halloween!

Jordan and I didn't do anything this year because we're both so busy with school, but this is a funny pictures of us from last years halloween. I'm still not 100% sure what we were haha


My favourite food to make in the fall is soup!  Tonight I experimented with one of my old curried lentil soup recipes by adding yams and kale. It was delicious. I didn't write anything down, so I hope I can recreate it again.

oh, and I also had vanilla ice cream and frozen raspberries for dessert...double yum :)

Pretty Fall

We finally got a really beautiful, sunny day after a rainy, dreary week. I had to get groceries anyways, so I tied it in with a nice walk around our neighbourhood with my camera. I love, love, love all the bright colours and crisp air that sunny fall days have to offer.

How lucky are we to live in this lovely neighbourhood??

oh Sundays

I love and hate Sundays. I love them because it's almost noon, yet I'm still in my pajamas. I've done two loads of laundry, started my beef and sweet potato stew in my crock pot, and just made my second cup of coffee. I hate them because I have to do my grocery shopping for the week, clean the bathroom and vacuum, and do the mounds of homework I have been avoiding. However, in this moment I'm choosing to sip my coffee, bask in the sun shining into my kitchen, and enjoy Sunday.

the first week

I finally uploaded the photos on my camera from the first few weeks after our move to Vancouver. I love this one so much; and I love my husband so much too!

Family Thanksgiving

We were very lucky this weekend to be able to make the trip to Kamloops to spend Thanksgiving with my family. It was so great to relax and have my mom cook for us! The turkey and fixings were so yummy. I never realize how much I miss my mom and dad until I see them. Even though we were only there for a few days, it was really hard to leave.  
Isn't my mom just beautiful?

one year ago...

October 3rd, 2010 our best friends little girl, Scarlet, was born; today she is one year old! It is so hard to believe it has been a full year since we got the text, "it's a girl!!" and rushed to the hospital to meet her.  So, happy birthday sweet girl we love you lots and lots.
Jordan and Scarlet, best friends