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Hood Canal 2017!

Jordan and I got to spend a whole week at the cabin, just the two of us, since we went for our honeymoon seven years ago. It was so refreshing to be away from technology and unplugged from everything. I went for a quick dip in the cold salt water, but spent most of the time reading on the deck. I tasted 58 new beers, Jordan had even more, and we ate enough smokies and quesadillas to hold us over the for next 6 months. We finished off the week at our friends wedding.  It was a perfect.

Summer 2017.....

.... so far.
Our summer has been so full of fun already and we still have August to look forward to! Here is summer, so far, in waaaaaay too many pictures ;).
Liam's UBC graduation trip and finally taking mom and dad to Four Winds.

 Dad photobombing.

Pit stop in a bright alley in downtown Vancouver!
 More brewery hopping (Parallel 49)... so many beers that day.
Birthday beer adventure in Whiterock after we got on the wrong bus.
 Home someday?

 Meeting Tuck and visit with Leah in Kamloops.

 My people xoxo

 Scoops with mom and Meg
Roadtrip with my love